“Just some feedback that your chocolates are AMAZING. Seriously, some of the best I've ever had . . .” A.B., North Carolina “I attended the March of Dimes Signature Chef event this past Sunday (11/21/10) at the Preston Woods Country Club.  I had the pleasure of receiving one of your sample chocolate boxes.  I brought it home and shared the candy with my husband.  We were very impressed with the quality, texture and most of all, the flavor of your chocolate . . .” J.L., North Carolina “You’ve spoiled me, I can’t eat any other chocolate!” K.B., Utah “Awesome job . . . we love it and I promise to be a customer.” J.R., North Carolina “I received my chocolates today.  Between me and the kids 5 are down and 20 to go.  This isn’t going to take long.  They are fantastic!!  Truly spectacular!!  So far my favorite is the passion fruit white chocolate, and I don’t even like white chocolate. The box is so pretty.  They made a beautiful gift.” J.M., Ohio “Thank you so much for the chocolates!  They look amazing!!!  . . . the packaging is pretty . . . Great job!” B.G., Indiana “Your website looks great and the chocolate . . . speaks for itself.  Simply divine.  We’ve received many positive remarks about the chocolate treats at the Signature Chefs Auction.  We can’t thank you enough for your support and choosing this event to debut Red Light Chocolates!” L.S., North Carolina Red Light Chocolates - 2013 www.redlightchocolates.com