Who We Are   On April 2007 our lives changed forever when we welcomed our tiny daughter into the world, 12 weeks early.  Weighing just 2lbs, 13 ozs, we watched our daughter fight to live.  We realized how delicate life is, and how easily those you love can be taken from you.  Red Light Chocolates was born from this new found appreciation for life, and the desire to spend more time together as a family.   Kirstin, the owner of Red Light Chocolates, has a BS in Industrial Engineering from Purdue University, and a Master's in Business from North Carolina State University.  She attended the Callebaut Chocolate Academy in Chicago, where she learned techniques and skills to help launch her business.  Her husband, Rob, has a BS in Business Education from East Carolina University.  He started his chocolate career as the dish washer, and slowly learned the fine art of chocolate making through his wife, coupled with (a lot) of hands on practice.   Our Committment to You   We are committed to providing you, our Customer, the highest quality artisanal chocolates.  We use the finest, freshest ingredients we can find, supporting other local businesses when possible.  Some of our locally sourced ingredients include local cream, honey, and eggs.  We also pride ourselves on the use of all natural ingredients, including fruit purees and Madagascar vanilla beans.  All of our artisanal chocolates are handmade in small batches.  We don’t use preservatives, so please enjoy our chocolates within two weeks of receiving them.  We’re honored you checked us out! Red Light Chocolates - 2013 www.redlightchocolates.com